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If you are sick and tired of getting stiff, slower and injured as you age, I can help you.

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Who is Sherpaherb?

Sherpaherb (aka Herb Reeves - got that nickname from carrying twin boys on hikes up at Mt Rainier.) is a Certified Primal Health Coach and avid trail runner from Olympia, WA who has spent the last 14 years rediscovering himself after a heart attack and open heart, triple bypass surgery. Sponsored by Hammer Nutrition, Herb won age group awards in marathons and ultramarathons.

Starting in 2016, he made it a mission to share his newfound approach to running: The Forever Runner Method. He launched a website and now offers personal and group coaching for runners over 50 so they can "Run Like a Kid Again!"

Herb is also the President of the non-profit running club, Olytraiilrunners and is the Race Director for Capitol Peak Ultras.

When Herb isn't working, he can be found running in the mountains, playing pickleball and surfing (only in Hawaii).

His motto is simple:

"It doesn't always get worse!"

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