** 4 Week Fat Burn Challenge - October **


Finally lose that last 5-10 pounds and keep it off forever!

End your weightloss struggle and become "light on your feet"!

Yes I Need This!

Are You?

  • Struggling to lose that last 5 - 10 pounds? 
  • Lacking energy during the day?
  • Running slower and slower as you age?


Do you want?

  • To lose weight effortlessly?
  • Experience unlimited energy during the day?
  • Greatly improve your health and extend your running life?


Lose Fat

Lose that fat around your waist without hard workouts or restricting calories.

Gain Energy

Wake up every morning with boundless energy, ready to take on your day!

Imagine 4 Weeks from now:

  • EFFORTLESS WEIGHTLOSS:  No more jiggles while running!
  • ABUNDANT ENERGY  - No more heavy feet while running!
  • LONG TERM HEALTH AND HAPPINESS: Wake up every morning refreshed, ready to take on your day!

Sheri O.

Before I started the program, I was sore, didn't really like running and couldn't breath. The changes I've experienced a month in this program, I lost 9 pounds, running is effortless. I'm just blown away!

I just can't even begin to tell you guys how this has really changed my performance and how I feel and my energy, thanks Herb!

John S.

He is a warm gentle man, really did his best to support me with my strange hip-pain, hamstring-injuries and not getting faster-problems with MAF.

Now I have a way forward and I've learned alot about my body and what it needs to recover

Thanks coach!









4 Week Training


Limited to 20 Runners

  • A simple, proven method to follow
  • Live, interactive training with me
  • Free, 30 day access to my private Facebook Coaching group
  • Lifetime access to my training videos
  • Multi device portal for easy access
Yes I Need This!

Finally lose that last 5-10 pounds! 

This method has been designed to minimize your risk of failure and losing hope... and this unique, counter intuitive method , coupled with the inspiring stories of your fellow runners in the clubhouse group... will not only give you the clarity on how to start, but also the confidence to finally take that leap and lose that weight.


If at anytime during the 4 Week Challenge, you feel the program is not meeting your expectations, Let me know and I'll give you a 100% refund.