Mr. Pipeline

sunday with sherpaherb Oct 07, 2018

This week we’re enjoying some vacation time in Hawaii. We like to hangout in Kihei in Maui with some good friends to get some surfing in and enjoy the island life. 

On the flight over, l checked out the Hawaii Airline magazine and an interesting article about the migration of Hawaiians to Bend Oregon, another one of our favorite hangouts.

The article featured famous surfer, Gerry Lopez  “Mr. Pipeline”, who in the 1990’s went to Bend to ski Mt. Bachelor and ended up staying.

He embraced snow boarding and now host’s the Big Wave Challenge, an annual event each spring for snow boarders only up at the mountain.

I was struck by his quote in the article:

“Where everything in the ocean is constantly moving, on the mountain is where you find stillness “

Earlier this week, after being churned in some waves like in a washer machine while surfing.  I remembered this quote, and it brought me back to earth with the realization at how lucky we are to be fit and healthy. Now at the age of 65, I can still enjoy being active on the ocean and can still climb far back in the mountains and find stillness.

Have a great Sunday,


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