5 Common Challenges with Mafffetone Method Training

aerobic training Feb 19, 2018

Survey Results from 137 Maffetone Method Training Participants


Welcome to the Maffetone Method training. It's surprising how such a
simple concept can be so challenging to follow. There are thousands of
success stories, but not everyone takes the same path.

Rather than writing about my personal challenges with the method, I
decided to survey runners doing Maffetone Training and find out what
their real challenges they were facing. The following is a compilation of
the survey and my recommendations to common challenges.

Composition of participants

Number of runners at each weekly mileage

Number of runners at each weekly min/mile

Most common words


Survey Results

From the survey, I found that by far, over 80%, were challenged by
having to run slow and still having the patience to stick with the
program. Older runners felt their calculated heart rate was just too low.

About 20% were concerned about being socially isolated by not being
able to run with friends and lastly, about...

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Does MAF Training really make Runners Over 50 Faster?

aerobic training Dec 17, 2017

I get asked that question all the time. Is it really possible for runners over 50 to run faster with MAF training?

Well, I just received an email from Dr Phil Maffatone with the article "The Science of Success". In the article, he shares the story of 52 year old Biophysicist Martin Gruebele. Martin won the masters division of Cycling's 2014 Race Across America and also a couple of master wins at 50 mile ultra runs all as a result of MAF Training. According to the article, his improvement was impressive:

Over a seven-month period, Martin improved his MAF Test from about 9:10 to 6:55, while his resting heart rate fell from about 60 beats per minute to 40.

One thing particularly striking was the scientist had been tracking data on his workouts for years. Now with the new MAF numbers pouring in, he was able to scientifically plot the improvements in his performance. Plus, he was now injury-free.

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Now your results may vary, but for me, at the age of 63, I improved...

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The #1 Hidden Secret to Run Faster over 50

aerobic training Dec 17, 2017

How hidden stress is holding you back and what you can do about it!

Did you know you can still run faster over 50?

Imagine as a 50 or 60 year old you can still charge up the steeps and fly down the down hills without pain!

I certainly didn’t feel that way when I turned 50. You see, my midlife crisis then was a heart attack and triple bypass surgery! But I recovered from that and went on to run over 50 ultra marathons in the next 10 years. But those 10 years took their toll. I was constantly stiff, sore and plagued with injuries.

My real crisis was when I turned 60. Suddenly I was facing getting old and slow. Some of my friends were already quitting racing and running altogether. They were just feeling too old and beat up to carry on. But I didn’t want to stop. “There’s got to be a way to keep doing this”

So I dedicated the next two years implementing the latest in training techniques for running, building strength and fueling my body. As a result, I...

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