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MF + MAF + SS = Forever Runner

MF: Metabolic Flexibility

MAF: The Maffetone Method of run training

SS:  The Secret Sauce of Mobility, Strength and Sprinting

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Core Training on the Forever Runner Method

Learn the simple Forever Runner Method step by step in 5 self-paced modules

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Hour long online training on all aspects of running over 50!

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"Thanks so much for this Herb. I struggle constantly. I source out flat ground and still I have to walk. I never thought of running on the spot to be able to run rather than walk. I definitely will be trying this!"

Jodie S.

"Thanks, this video helped me. Have done two MAF training runs now and for the first one, I had to keep stopping to walk. For the second, I was able to keep my heart rate in the right zone while shuffling along without stopping. That will probably make the difference for me!"

Patricia D.

No more "No Gain, No Pain"

There is another way to approach your run training that is totally opposite of what you would expect, but proven by thousands of athletes over 30 years

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