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An Online Running Club for runners following the Forever Runner Method. A simple holistic approach for losing weight, running faster injury free. Insuring more freedom, and vitality as you age.


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The Three Day Runners Diet

A proper diet has the biggest effect on your energy levels, fat loss and endurance. The 3 Day Runners Diet addressees the three most important days for a runner, your daily diet, the day before an event and race day fueling. In as little as 2 weeks, you will be able to reset your metabolism from sugar craving to fat burning and enjoy the benefits of unlimited energy!

Aerobic Max Training

Training slow to run faster isn't intuitive but the Maffetone Method is a proven winner. Build a solid aerobic bade in 90 days. Run faster without speedwork and over-training injury!

"I purchased a heart rate monitor last fall after watching Larisa handily win Waldo 100k. This spring I quickly ramped up to 50 mpw running almost 100% at or below my Maffetone rate. So far my MAF mile has dropped almost 1 minute, and I am only a few months into it. My average runs are faster and I don't bonk on long runs (15+ miles). So far I have PR'd in both events this year with almost no speed work. "


"Changing over to this is touch for trail and mountain runners. You do a lot of walking. But if you swallow your ego it pays off. I've been able to build my aerobic engine to the point that it has actually lifted my top-end. I believe in this and it also makes me believe there is longevity in running LONG. "


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