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As we age as endurance runners, we naturally start to slow down, lose strength and mobility. It's not a pretty sight. We peak in our 40's, then begin the gradual slide.

In my 50's, I could still lay down an good race. But after I turned 60, I faced my biggest challenge.

You see, I was a marathoner for many years, then just before I turned 50, I suffered a heart attack and had open heart surgery. I had to seriously re-think my running future. I decided life was short and I changed my focus to running trails in the mountains. I quickly had some success running ultra marathons.(Not fast, I'm a mid-packer)

Running over 50 ultras in the next 10 years, I did manage to get some age group awards, including a 2nd in the national 100K trail championships. As a result, I became sponsored by Hammer Nutrition. Then I turned 60, and faced my biggest challenge, "How long can I keep this up?"

As publisher of "Trail Run Crazy", I run across just about everything posted about running and trail running. I decided to get serious about my training and diet, gleaning tips from the top coaches and trainers across the web. I increased my mileage, started cutting carbs from my diet and joined a CrossFit gym. Through this journey, now two years later, I am 10 pounds lighter, stronger than I have ever been, and racing faster. I recently ran fast enough in a tough SkyRunner marathon to place second in the 50 year old age group!

So I got it dialed in, and now I want to share my experience with you.

My passion is to help others to successfully run beyond their 50's. I want you to be able to enjoy your favorite sport and improve your longevity at the same time.

If this is something I can help you with, then schedule a FREE "Run Like a Kid Again" coaching call today:

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(aka Herb Reeves)

Founder: The Forever Runner Method

President: Olytrailrunners
Race Director: Capitol Peak Ultras


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